Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds in Otanzaku Format by Hiroshige

"Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds in Otanzaku Format" is a set of 12 selected "Birds and Flowers" prints by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858). Hiroshige is well known for his landscapes such as his successful series "Fifty-three Stations on the Tokaido" or "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo". However he also left many masterpieces in his "Flowers and Birds" prints.
Within the vertically long-narrow Otanzaku format, Hiroshige designed an effective dynamic composition through the directions of movement formed by the flowers and birds for each print, which shows his superb talent as a designer. Adachi selected 12 popular masterpieces from Hiroshige's "Flowers and Birds" prints designed in Otanzaku format produced around 1830's. Each print has breathtaking composition, but is full of lyrical atmosphere and silence. Hiroshige successfully captured the moment of nature in beautiful Japanese four seasons.