-Adachi's Ukiyo-e- A great gift for your special occasion


-Adachi's Ukiyo-e- A great gift for your special occasion

At Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints, we offer reliable and convenient services for customers who are considering giving ukiyo-e reproductions as gifts.

Adachi's ukiyo-e reproductions are highly appreciated as gifts to celebrate auspicious occasions such as the construction of new buildings, store openings, childbirths, birthdays and weddings, or as souvenirs that convey a sense of Japanese culture and history.

We offer a variety of services to meet customer needs, such as the attachment of leaflets introducing ukiyo-e print production techniques, wrapping services, international shipping, and airport delivery.

Explanation of Print in English and Japanese

Most of our ukiyo-e prints includes leaflets of the explanation of the print and the production process of ukiyo-e prints in Adachi studio.

Adachi's Gift Wrapping

A unframed print is set in the Adachi original ukiyo-e envelop and a framed print is set in the box and wrapped with Adachi Original wrapping paper.

Shipping overseas (outside Japan)

We accept overseas shipping of products and have a track record of shipping to many countries. When shipping overseas, we take extra care to protect the products using cushioning materials and secure packaging.

For customers who wish to take their own items outside of Japan, we can also deliver them to the airport.

Original carrying bags

We offer carrying bags (originally designed by Adachi) that are convenient to carry. Framed ukiyo-e will fit perfectly in the bags. If you wish to use a carrying bag, please select it on the order screen.

Gift Messages

You could request a message card to attach on the back of the frame or include in a package.

Luxurious message plates [optional fee-based service]

Your message will be printed on a golden plate (made of acrylic). The plate will be pasted on the front side of the frame below the ukiyo-e. This is recommended for gifts to companies.