Message on the frame <sample>

We also offer a service where you can print and paste your desired text on the back of the frame, such as words of congratulations, a message, your child's name, or an anniversary.

[How to use]
1. Check "Use gift"
2. Select "Yes" in column <Colophon>.
3. Select the font
4. Enter your desired text in the notes section

【1】 horizontal / 3lines-Mincho font

【2】 horizontal / 3lines-Block font

【3】 horizontal / 3lines-Gothic font

【4】 vertical / 3lines-Block font

【5】 horizontal / 3lines-Times

【6】 horizontal / 3lines-Arial

【7】 horizontal / 3lines-Antiqua

Message Card

The designs were chosen from Hokusai's pattern book called "Hokusai Moyogahu". The patterns in the book were all designed by Hokusai and originally for the kimono. All of them are very sophisticated and mostly represent each season. Adachi carefully picked a couple of patterns for each season and designed them onto greeting cards.
Please leave your message in the note column if you wish to add your original message.