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"Ukiyo-e carp streamer'' to celebrate the first boy's festival

"Ukiyo-e carp streamer'' to celebrate the first boy's festival

In Japan, the days that mark turning points of the seasons are called "Sekku," and since ancient times they have been important milestones for traditional annual events. In particular, "Nanakusa no Sekku (Festival of Seven Herbs)" on January 7th, "Momo no Sekku (Peach Festival)" on March 3rd, "Tango no Sekku (Boys' Festival)" on May 5th, "Tanabata (Star Festival)" on July 7th, and "Choyo no Sekku (Chrysanthemum Festival)" on September 9th are called "Gosekku (the Five Sekku)," and people pray for good health, long life, and good fortune with special food and drinks.
Among them, "Tango no Sekku" on May 5th is an important event that prays for the healthy growth of children, and is now designated as a national holiday in Japan as "Children's Day."

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歌川広重「名所江戸百景 水道橋駿河台」アダチ版復刻浮世絵

Utagawa Hiroshige "Suidobashi Bridge and Surugadai"

Starting around April, families with boys display "Koinobori (Carp Streamers)'' outside for "Tango no Sekku." This originates from the Chinese legend called "Toryumon" that says that a carp that climbs a rapid stream called "Ryumon (Dragon Gate)" in the upper reaches of the Yellow River is transformed into a powerful dragon. The carp streamers carry wishes for the child's strong and healthy growth and success in life.

Four hundred years ago, during the Edo period, there were many carp streamers swimming in the sky. Utagawa Hiroshige, who painted this work, boldly captures this scene with a close-up of the carp streamer that seems to cover the entire screen. It is a masterpiece that shows Hiroshige's outstanding compositional ability.

Carp streamers drawn in ukiyo-e are perfect as an interior decoration that evokes the Japanese seasons and culture, or as an item that wishes for the healthy growth of your child.

Reasons to recommend ukiyo-e carp streamers

◆ Reliable tradition and quality

The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints selects a traditional Japanese hand-made paper called Kizuki hosho, made by Mr. Ichibei Iwano who is a living national treasure.
The Adachi carries on the tradition of Japan's woodcut print techniques which gave birth to ukiyo-e in the 17th century. Our large selection of ukiyo-e reproduction is created using the same techniques and authentic materials by skillful artisans.

◆Can be easily displayed anywhere

They can be displayed anywhere, even in homes where it is difficult to display large carp streamers.

◆ Easy storage

They are compact and can be stored neatly in a closet. They do not require much maintenance, so you can enjoy them year after year.

A great gift for the special occasion

Adachi's Gift Wrapping
An unframed print is set in the Adachi original ukiyo-e envelope and a framed print is set in the box and wrapped with Adachi Original wrapping paper.

<Available gift services by request>
・Gift Messages
You could request a message card to attach to the back of the frame or include it in a package.
・Traditional Japanese gift ornament "noshi"
・Colophon, "okuduke"

See the Actual Prints Up Close

A gift for the first boy's festival is important. You can actually see Adachi ukiyo-e prints at our showroom in Mejiro, Tokyo. Please stop by to see the vivid colors and the warm texture of ukiyo-e at our showroom. We can ship our products both domestically and internationally and you can also take them home (it depends on the stock and time situation).

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