"Contemporary Ukiyo-e" Project
5 artists from NYC

"Contemporary Ukiyo-e" is an international creative project in order to preserve and bring alive woodcut printing techniques. The contemporary artists participating in this project work like Hokusai or Hiroshige with modern-day artisans. Five artists based in NYC also participate in this project. Each of them succeeded in drawing for contemporary ukiyo-e with a deep understanding of the techniques of woodcut printing and collaborating with the artisans.

<p>Alex Dodge (1977- )</p>

Alex Dodge’s work in painting, print, and sculpture has consistently explored the promise of technology as it interacts with and redefines the human body. His painted images are generated using a range of virtual systems and traditional tools, but ultimately rendered in thick layers of oil paint using laser-cut stencils. Other works involve stamped relief block printing, screenprinting with tactile braille ink, and traditional Ukiyo-e woodcut block printing.  Working across mediums and often with imagery laden with textile patterns, his work implies that technology transcends cultural contexts.